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It is truly ‘THE ONE’ place for your child’s musical education and ongoing learning.

It is Davis’s first time participating in a competition and playing in front of many people. It’s such exciting news that Davis had stood out from his competitors in 6th Hong Kong Music Talents Competition 2021 and won 6th place. We’re pleased to have Davis’s parents share their experience at the ONE Academy.

1) Why did you choose the ONE academy?
    We chose the ONE academy because of the great quality and wide variety of professionally qualified teachers, world-class music facilities on offer (especially the ONE Stage), and the exposure provided to students. 
2) Does Davis like having lessons in the ONE and like the way the teacher teaches?
    Davis enjoys learning at the ONE and especially with Ms Suki. She is gentle but firm at the same time, understands each student’s strengths and development areas, and coaches her students to bring out the best in them.
3) Davis won 6th place in Hong Kong Music Talent Competition. How do you feel about it?
	Honestly, we enrolled Davis to give him exposure to other budding pianists and to help build his confidence in a wider performance setting. Winning 6th place was the icing on the cake and we were simply thrilled!
4) Is the ONE academy worth recommending to other parents?
	Most definitely! It is truly ‘THE ONE’ place for your child’s musical education and ongoing learning.

Davis has been learning the piano from Ms Suki for one and a half years. Now, he’s planning to take the ABRSM Grade 3 exam in the coming year!

Most of the students, like Davis, have no experience in performing in person, so we had held a rehearsal - not only offering the students a great opportunity to perform in front of people but also teaching them proper manners and attitude. We’re glad that many parents found it very helpful!

Still looking for the right learning place for your child’s musical education? The ONE Academy is the one! Don’t hesitate and start your music journey now!


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